“Strategy” is more than just a word

It’s a process. It’s a collaboration. It’s an organization. It’s a set of choices, some tough and some simple. And it’s absolutely the foundation of your venture.

We think of Strategic Planning as the primary tool to get an entire organization focused on the best future. In our experience, it’s a roll-up-your-shirtsleeves kind of hard work. It never ends, nor should it. The days of a stable 5-year plan are long gone, replaced by a much more dynamic process that’s founded on a set of timeless commitments supported by an ability to flex with change.

The key is defining True North while letting your teams explore and adapt to get to the Pole.

What are your big questions?

We’ve helped emerging businesses think through and crystallize:

  • What business are we really in?
  • What do we represent in the marketplace? Is this what we think, or is this what our customers truly believe?
  • What is our sweet spot?
  • What is it that makes us different than all the others?
  • How do I get this thing off the ground?
  • How can I develop a process that makes sure our strategy is the right one, and how do I keep it active?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day of running your business. But at the end of the day, the most valuable contribution you make is to clearly define why and what you do.

Vision and Discipline

At Opal Sea Capital, our expertise is a balanced view of an ambitious strategic vision and a disciplined execution process. Some planning partners are great at vision: a lofty view that sounds great on paper — something you can’t help agreeing with. Some planning partners are all about execution: a playbook that your company teams can run with.

We do both.

With collective backgrounds in creative, communications, product management, marketing, sales, finance, and strategy, we have a special ability to define a vision that’s both science and art. And yet, we come with decades of experience in your shoes: running companies, divisions and product lines. Global and local. Start-ups and large enterprises. We know it’s hard work to get everyone on board. We know your plan must be backed by hard data. It also must, quite simply, make sense. Our experience in the school of hard knocks helps us develop a realistic execution plan from a clear vision.

And that, ultimately, is our magic.

Strategic Planning Services

Opal Sea Capital offers its intellectual capital for:

  • Strategic Planning process definition and implementation
  • Strategy definition and refinement
  • Current state analyses
  • Future visioning
  • New markets assessment
  • Strategic pivots
  • Change management
  • Organizational implementation
  • Program-level planning and governance

Contact us today to share your thoughts. We never charge for an initial consultation — you’ll find us to be transparent and forthright. If you get what you need in a quick conversation, we’re happy to have helped you. Or we may be able to help you take your business beyond what you thought possible.

That’s the definition of win-win.